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जी वना मृत अध्या य

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From Our Heart to Yours
Ancient Wisdom Blossoms into
Modern Wellness

At Audharya, honesty is our credo. We believe in the Jivanamṛta Adhyāya, the desire for a long life, where health rests on a balanced symphony of body, mind, and spirit. We believe in ethical and sustainable
practices, ensuring fair wages for farmers and harmony with the earth. Our mission is to preserve and promote the time-honored practices of Sri Lankan communities, offering their unique food and wellness treasures to the world.

අපේ Products

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From Our Heart to Yours
Ancient Wisdom Blossoms into
Modern Wellness
Audharya’s offers a diverse range of Sri Lankan culinary products infused with Ayurvedic wisdom. The pantry includes herbal teas, artisanal sweeteners, wild
bee honey and infusions, spice blends, traditional oils, heirloom rice and grains, and preserved dishes. The curated gift packs allow sharing the Sri Lankan culinary heritage with loved ones worldwide


Threads of Nature, Woven by Hand

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Audharya isn’t just a brand, it’s a vibrant tapestry woven by the warmth of community. We travel Sri Lanka’s sun-kissed fields,
hand-in-hand with families who hold ancient wisdom close to their hearts. Their smiles crinkle with stories whispered through
generations, passed down alongside the secrets of growing, harvesting, and crafting natural treasures. 

From Nilgala’s whispering forests, where families gather nelli, wild honey, and healing herbs, to Kithulgala’s sun-drenched valleys, where fruit and spice infuse into vibrant blends, Audharya’s tapestry is woven by communities.

Manikhinna,Alawathugoda,Hunasgiriya’s farmers source Kandy’s finest spices, while Eheliyagoda’s Ellawala Weda Medura shares ancient wisdom through rejuvenating oils. Pannala’s generations cultivate heirloom rice, each grain a taste of history.

Audharya is more than a brand; it’s a symphony of Sri Lanka’s soul, sung by the hands that nourish and the hearts that

අපේ மகி ழ்ச்சி யா ன clients

Our Services

  •  Western Province delivery? We bring it right to your doorstep.
  • Gifts abroad made easy! Let us handle the packing for your loved ones.
  • Craving a traditional ingredient? We source it all, with no sourcing fees.
  • Visiting family? Impress them with our healthy and delicious gift packs.
  • Earth-friendly shopping? We use sustainable packaging and reward bottle returns.
  • Find our products at Barefoot Colombo, Good Market Super Market, Spar Supermarket, and organic shops around Colombo and of course at our home in Dehivala. 

Services at your fingertips: WhatsApp +94 706003444 (24/7)

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Audharya Web Proposal 1 e1704990874204
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